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Movie Review: Inception

28 July 2010 1 comment

I’ve not much to say about the movie, Inception.  I will say though that it’s not so dull or so repugnant that I wouldn’t write a review about it.  It’s just (how Read more…

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The Spurious Sperry Synopsis Slip-up

11 May 2010 Comments off

[Hat/Tip:  "SW"]

One reader has pointed me to an article about the film, “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry,” Read more…

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Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon (UPDATED)

30 April 2010 5 comments

How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) is a (2-d)/3-d animated adaptation of a series of children’s books, about an Read more…

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

31 March 2010 Comments off

I’ve been avoiding seeing the movie Alice in Wonderland for a very important reason. During my school days, I read portions of Carroll’s works as I was supposed to, but never dived in like I did with other favorite authors. And alas – my days of reading for pleasure are long over.

I really wanted to read one or both of the Alice books before going to see Read more…

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Movie Review: Shutter Island

24 February 2010 Comments off

There’s really not much I can say about the movie Shutter Island without giving the whole thing away. Critics either really loved it or really hated it. I side with those critics who assert that   Read more…

Movie Review: A Serious Man

9 February 2010 Comments off

There is not much I can say about the Coen Brother’s latest film A Serious Man without giving the whole thing away, so I need to be careful with this review. Read more…

Movie Review: The Lovely Bones

27 January 2010 2 comments

At first, I wasn’t going to see it.  Then, Roger Ebert had an apoplectic fit over the movie,

“The Lovely Bones” is a deplorable film with this message: If you’re a 14-year-old girl who has been brutally raped and murdered by a serial killer, you have a lot to look forward to..

and I just had to see what would induce well, anyone to have a fit over a Peter Jackson adaptation of a best-selling novel.   Read more…

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Movie Review: “Avatar”

24 December 2009 Comments off

Roger Ebert compares it to Star Wars.  He’s wrong about that.  Star Wars was groundbreaking and unexpected.  It established Read more…

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Movie Review: Invictus

18 December 2009 Comments off

I liked it. 

Except for one thing. 

The movie’s title is the title of a famous 19th century poem by William Ernest Henley, who had Read more…

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Movie Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox

10 December 2009 Comments off

Yeah, yeah – It’s been out for three weeks already.  So sue me. 

Reasons why I liked Read more…

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Movie Review: Ninja Assassin (2009)

4 December 2009 Comments off

Okay, confession time.  I went to the theatre and found out that I would have had to wait an hour to see the movie I had intended to see.  I went to Ninja Assassin because there was only a ten minute wait. 

Five minutes into this movie, I pretty much “knew” that I wouldn’t be writing a review about it.  Later, I changed my mind when I decided that I could relate the movie to the Gospel. 

Okay, so you’ve got this family, made up of orphans and Read more…

Movie Review: The Blind Side

26 November 2009 Comments off

A family reads about Ferdinand :)

This week’s movie review is on The Blind Side, which is based on the true story of Tuohy family’s adoption of Read more…

Movie Review: “The Box”

21 November 2009 Comments off

So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate, and she also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate. 

- Genesis 3:6 (ESV);  (Emphasis mine)

Frank Langella as Arlington Steward: The Lovable Jerk

The premise behind the plot is simple enough:  A strange man drops off a box at a couple’s doorstep.  Later, he explains that the box contains a button.  If Read more…

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DVD Review: “The Lost City” (2006)

5 November 2009 Comments off

Aurora and Fico in "The Lost City"

Have you ever sat at your grandfather’s table, listening to old stories and tall tales, and realized that Read more…

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Movie Review: The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

26 October 2009 Comments off


Sperry and Trio

Sperry and Trio

Watching this movie has taught me among other things, that I have become somewhat jaded in my old age.  Read more…

Review: The Informant!

12 October 2009 Comments off

The Informant!  is a semi-dark comedy based on a real-life story involving an executive in the agricultural industry, the FBI, and an international price-fixing scheme within the same industry.  Matt Damon plays the “hero,” Mark Whitacre, a talented and Read more…

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Review: Pandorum

4 October 2009 Comments off

This week’s movie review is of Pandorum, a sci-fi / horror / thriller / mystery starring Dennis Quaid.  Now, I know what you’re thinking - TEOSO is a Christian blog, why is this guy writing about a horror film?  Well, I chose this movie for a couple of very important reasons.  Read more…

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Review: Surrogates

28 September 2009 Comments off

Elder’s note:  Some spoilers here, but not for the major plotline. 

Surrogates is a sci-fi thriller and mystery, the latest of Bruce Willis’ (his character- FBI agent Greer) action movies.  Basically, you can think it as what might happen if the Sims computer game could be applied to robotics, and if surrogate robots became like automobiles – less luxury and more comodity.  Now, think of what might happen if there was a minority of people who, like the Amish, refused to become dependant on the new technology.  The movie itself is based on ancipated social changes that might result from the new technology.  Read more…

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Review: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

21 September 2009 Comments off

It feels odd to write a movie review of what is essentially a cartoon, but Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is just too good not to blog aboutparticularly here.  

The critics will thumbnail the plotline for you;  If you need something like that, you can read what a critic says about the movie.  I’m recommending the movie because of the other plot lines within the story.   Read more…

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