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Fractured Parables: The Periodic Son

27 November 2010 Comments off

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a man with two sons.  They grew up safely in a house provided to them by their father. 

The first of his sons Read more…

Leadership: A (De)Motivational Poster

20 November 2010 Comments off

Dedicated to godly leaders everywhere.  Read more…

Why living in a California Tent-City is not living in Third-World Conditions.

20 July 2010 6 comments

I still plan on writing one or two follow-up articles on the Franklinton Bicycle Kitchen, but my thoughts have gravitated towards one commenter’s remarks about the existence of Third-World living conditions in a Southern California tent-city, seen in this Youtube video.  My contention has been, and is, that there is very little in common between Third-World living conditions, and those Read more…

National Catholic Register: Supreme Court Backs Homosexuals Against Christians

16 July 2010 Comments off

Fascinating.  More wrangling over the rights of Christian campus groups in limiting their members Read more…

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The Dispatch: Old Hollywood musicals inspired gay love story

15 July 2010 Comments off

An off-broadway play is coming to Columbus, revisionist in the full sense of the word – Read more…

Parenthood: A (De)Motivational Poster

13 July 2010 Comments off

Dedicated to my wife and child, who I love very, very muchRead more…

The blank guilt trip courts the blank check : Responses to Bp. Breidenthal’s Easter Sermon, (Part 4 of Many)

8 June 2010 Comments off

Continuing my fisk of Bp. Breidenthal’s 2010 Easter Sermon..

As noted in the title, there is a bit of a false Read more…

An Interesting Conversation on

25 May 2010 Comments off

[Elder's Note:  Yeah, still technically on hiatus, but this popped onto my radar screen, and I couldn't resist]

City-Data is a site devoted to describing cities in the US and is probably useful for people looking Read more…

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something lost

30 April 2010 Comments off

Here is an interesting story about a high-school senior who asked out a video-blogger to his prom, via Read more…

Movie Review: A Serious Man

9 February 2010 Comments off

There is not much I can say about the Coen Brother’s latest film A Serious Man without giving the whole thing away, so I need to be careful with this review. Read more…

Good job, Mom

27 December 2009 Comments off

Sometimes I think that people should have to get a license to be a parent.  Then there are times when Read more…

Liberty: A (De)Motivational Poster

14 December 2009 Comments off

(Guilty.) Read more…


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