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Phelps’ Follies

23 August 2010 Comments off

Excerpts from, “..Q&A with Pastor Fred Phelps,” by Joshua Kors…   (Elder’s note:  mild content warning)   . Read more…

Fr. Edmands plays the Pelican Card (disturbing content)

11 August 2010 3 comments
So much wrong with this, so little time. Read more…
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An Interesting Conversation on

25 May 2010 Comments off

[Elder's Note:  Yeah, still technically on hiatus, but this popped onto my radar screen, and I couldn't resist]

City-Data is a site devoted to describing cities in the US and is probably useful for people looking Read more…

“Pot, meet Kettle. Kettle, Pot” : Responses to Bp. Breidenthal’s Easter Sermon, (Part 1 of Many)

19 April 2010 4 comments

This paragraph from Bp. Breidenthal’s Easter Sermon is one of many that sort of Read more…

Cliff Notes from The Edge: Alice Connor on “Those Other” Campus Evangelists

6 February 2010 9 comments
The Rev. Alice Connor, who is in charge of The Edge campus ministry at the University of Cincinnati, has of course, entered onto my radar screen before. As a matter of fact, I have already deleted one article about her, after a humbling conversation from a brother who happens to be post-gay. The humbling point of contention was not over whether a bisexual priest ought to be put in charge of souls, but rather how an evangelist ought to break the ice with university students in dire need of Christ.
 Ironically, Rev. Connor has written an article in DSO’s most recent edition of the Interchange, about this very subject.  Read more…
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From the email bag: Dean Breidenthal and OTHER Evangelicals … (???)

9 January 2010 Comments off

Hat-Tips:  David Kim (Current director, Gotham Fellowship; and a former director of Manna Christian Fellowship and of course our own Fr. David Bailey. 

[Elder's note:  Fr. Dave Bailey sent me an email he received from a friend who attended Princeton while Bp. Breidenthal had been dean of religious life.  The email portrays our bishop in a positive light for his Princeton years.  I have requested permission from Mr. Kim to republish his email, here.  ]

Here is a portion of the email sent from David Kim to Fr. David Bailey, written in 2006: Read more…

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Dr. Trayce Hanson – Same-Sex Marriage: Not in the best interest of children

27 October 2009 Comments off

[Elder's Note:  Jackie Bruchi of StandFirm has found an excellent article on the effects of purported same-sex marriages on children.  While I am trying to make this blog unique from StandFirm, I find this article is too good to not excerpt here. 

Since non-celibate homosexuals are also, in addition to being caught up in sin, the victims of the Church in those instances when her clerics fail to discourage the sin, I know the tone of my readers will be respectful.]

From the Ruth Institute Blog:

“..To date, very little research exists that assesses long-term outcomes for homosexually parented children. Read more…

A note on the leadership excerpts..

14 October 2009 Comments off

I feel I need to qualify a few things regarding the excerpts on leadership.

The first is related to the mission of this blog, a website “by and for traditionalist Episcopalians.”  The ‘by‘ refers to me.  I am a conservative DSO Episcopalian, and I’ve decided to stick around.  Yeah, yeah… This is usually the point where Read more…

Alda Marsh Morgan on leadership and clericalism

14 October 2009 Comments off

[H/T:  Perpetua Carthage]

From here:

“There were few of my church worker colleagues who wished to be ordained, once it became possible, not because they didn’t approve of women priests, but because we felt secure in our own vocation as theologically educated lay professionals. What we found offensive was Read more…

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Mario Bergner+ on misogyny (and leadership)

9 October 2009 2 comments

 ”    Some Christian men with unacknowledged misogynistic tendencies band together into fellowship groups exclusively for men.  Those who gravitate to such groups are inevitably looking for affirmation in their masculine identity.  Their desire to bond with other Christian men in a healthy way is right.  Unfortunately, these groups all too often become a playground for men to exercise their insecurities.  Read more…

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One layperson’s ‘take’ on non-ordained ministry

8 October 2009 Comments off

[Elder's Note:  As per this blog's policy, this is not an invitation to discuss Women's Ordination.  I've included this because I believe it to be an astute observation about people called to ministry, applicable to men as well as women.]

From here:

“…I do believe that there are women called to ministry in the Church.  I, myself, have discerned a call to ministry to children and families—especially mothers. Read more…

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C.S. Lewis Excerpt (re – leadership)

8 October 2009 Comments off

“He led them to the right of the dancing trees – whether they were still dancing nobody knew, for Lucy had her eyes on the Lion and the rest had their eyes on Lucy.”

- from Prince Caspian

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